漂流恐龍道中記 [A Dinosaur's Oddest Odyssey]



新年のご挨拶 / New Year Greeting


I wish everyone a happy New Year!

Drosera tokaiensis

香川県某所のトウカイコモウセンゴケ(Drosera tokaiensis)自生地に行ってきました。

I visited a habitat of Drosera tokaiensis in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Drosera tokaiensis Drosera tokaiensis Drosera tokaiensis


成東・東金食虫植物群落 / Naruto-Togane Carnivorous Plant Community


Misaki Kiya, one of my good friends, invited me for a trip to Naruto-Togane Carnivorous Plant Community, which is a protected carnivorous plant habitat on a border of Sanmu City and Togane City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. 8 species of carnivorous plants are found in this bog, of which we saw 4 Drosera species in the wild this time. It wasn't easy to photograph them because the rosetted species were growing among taller plants.

Drosera lunata (= D. peltata)
Drosera lunata Drosera lunata Drosera lunata


Drosera x "anfil"

Drosera x "anfil" (= D. anglica "北海道サロベツ産" X [filiformis X tracyi])です。故・永本二郎氏が1976年に作出した人工交雑種です。花粉親は当初D. filiformisとされていましたが、当時の記録から、園芸業者により流通しているD. filiformisD. tracyiの交雑種であろうと云われています。

My Drosera x "anfil" (= D. anglica "Sarobetsu, Hokkaido, Japan" X [filiformis X tracyi]) is having the best time of the year. This hybrid was bred by Jiro Nagamoto in 1976. The pollen parent was labelled as D. filiformis, but records suggest that it is a strain estimated to be a hybrid between D. filiformis and D. tracyi.

Drosera x  

Drosera cuneifolia

Drosera cuneifoliaです。南アフリカに分布しています。

My Drosera cuneifolia thriving. This species is native to South Africa.

Drosera cuneifolia

奥多摩 / A trip to Okutama


I revisited Okutama in rural Tokyo after 7 years.

Arisaema monophyllum
Arisaema monophyllum Arisaema monophyllum


第15回伝統園芸フェアー / The 15th Traditional Japanese Houseplant Fair


I visited the 15th Traditional Japanese Houseplant Fair, which was held in March 2015 in Tokyo, with Misaki Kiya, a good friend of mine.

Traditional Japanese Houseplant Fair Traditional Japanese Houseplant Fair Traditional Japanese Houseplant Fair


古典園芸植物の展示 / A display of traditional Japanese houseplants


I went to an exhibition called 'Flower Dream 2016' with Misaki Kiya, one of my friends. Our main aim was their display of traditional Japanese houseplants. They had some of typical traditional Japanese houseplants, including Lepisorus thunbergianus, Nandina domestica, Psilotum nudum, Pyrrosia hastata, Rohdea japonica, Vanda falcata, etc.

Flower Dream 2016 Flower Dream 2016 Flower Dream 2016


新刊のお知らせ / Press news


Misaki Kiya, one of my author friends, is publishing a Japanese-language book about selected botanical gardens in the world. If you happen to know the language, go and grab your copy!

世界一うつくしい植物園』(エクスナレッジ;2016年3月24日発売予定;ISBN-10: 4767821282;ISBN-13: 978-4767821283)

第一回 冬のドロセラ展 / The 1st Exhibition of Winter Drosera

2月14日に催された『第一回 冬のドロセラ展』に参加しました。ドロセラのみの展示会は世界でも珍しいものだと思います。開場時間頃に到着しふらふら会場に入ったところ、既に異様な熱気が充満しており、即売品を求める人の列ができていました。展示を見る間もなく、てんてこ舞いの中村英二さん・木谷美咲さんの販売の手伝いを始め、一段落してゆっくり展示が見られたのは午後に入ってからでした。雑誌の取材も来るなどかなり盛況でした。

 I went to the 1st Winter Exhibition of Drosera held in Tokyo on the 14th of February. Exhibitions specialised in Drosera would be rather rare. I arrived in the morning just after the exhibition started. I wondered in to be shocked at the crowd and the heat of excitement filling the place. There were plants for sale, and I saw Eiji Nakamura and Misaki Kiya, two friends of mine who were running this exhibition, panicking while trying to deal with the queue of people waiting to pay for them. I helped my friends without having a look at the displays, and it was only after most of the visitors were gone in the afternoon that I was actually able to look at the displays. In the meanwhile, we were interviewed and photographed for a magazine article. After all, we could call it a success.

1st Exhibition of Winter Drosera 1st Exhibition of Winter Drosera 1st Exhibition of Winter Drosera