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デング熱の症状 / Symptoms of dengue fever






It seems that there have been cases of dengue fever in Tokyo, London, etc. Here I will share my own case in 2012 in India.

I went up to the roof of the house and then went down, after which I started feeling sore in my skin. I thought that it was a sunburn. After I slept for an hour, the soreness was gone, but I noticed that I had a fever. The people around me also told me that my face was reddened. I was still all right at this point, and I decided to see my doctor in the neighbourhood. He thought it was just a minor infection as usual and prescribed some medicine.

After that, I started feeling cold and developed a fever above 40 degrees C. I was hardly able to eat, and I was drinking coke, which I usually never drink. I was mostly in bed for a couple of days except when I crawled out for the bathroom. I fainted twice. I was taken to my doctor and administered an intravenous drip. By this time, I had been suffering from an acute headache because of dehydration. The doctor did a blood test and found out that I had dengue fever. He told me that the counts of my leukocytes and platelets were dropping. He also advised me to eat pomegranates and kiwi fruits and keep intaking fluids.

After following my doctor's advice, I started feeling a bit better and was able to eat a little, but I had a problem with tasting because of the strong antibiotics that I was taking. I did a blood test every morning, and the results were showing signs of recovery, even though the doctor had told me that I was going to be hospitalised otherwise. Now, I had another problem. My skin started itching and showing scattered red spots around my wrists (I didn't develop many spots somehow). For me, this was the most annoying stage, because I had trouble sleeping.

I had been intaking a lot of fluids, but I was advised to reduce the amounts at this point, otherwise I would develop another symptom. Intaking large amounts of fluids was because of the destruction of capillary vessels, which had caused a problem with absorption of water.